Hi and welcome to Washologi by Viktoria.

I was in a phase of my life with a full time job, mother to four sons, when I was refurnishing the house when the first idea to what is now Washologi was born. When it was time for a face lift in the laundry room, I realized that something was missing on the
retail shelf. Wherever you can buy clothing and design you should be able to buy laundry products. Products with a nice look and feel, design in a concept with true environmental thinking. Highly concentrated products and of course a super-efficient. I contacted a manufacturer and started the process with scents, design, labels, testing and the production – exiting and new learnings!  I hope you will enjoy our design, laundry effective and care for the environment. / Viktoria

WASHOLOGI - "THE STUDY OF LAUNDRY" is a product series that has been developed based on an idea and a market research on washing habits.   

The market research showed that the most important thing for most detergents for detergents is efficiency and that it is fragrance and function that is most important for softeners. Many people pointed out that synthetic clothes, shirts and training clothes smelled of bad / sweat after washing at 40 degrees. In addition, a large proportion considered that stylish design on the packaging would be a plus as they think that the products that are on the shelves today look rather conservative and boring. All respondents would choose an environmentally adapted detergent if they ended up in a choice situation.   


With Washologi we want to offer a series of thoughtful, credible and personal products based on sound values and a sustainability thinking. Washologi is a combination of advanced chemistry and a clear fragrance language. We want the scents to awaken emotions such as:        

SPORT - Jasmine, is fresh and light floral.    

HARMONY - Lavender, known for its soothing and balancing properties.    

DESIRE - Cotton flower, soft and natural is the scent which is a great seller in Sweden and the world.     

PLEASURE - Mimosa a soft floral and soothing fragrance    

HIM - Bergamot, citrus fresh and masculine sporty scent with base note of sandalwood     

HER - Lily of the valley, lovely fragrant of this beautiful flower, like a summer meadow     

 "When you choose Washologi's products you should know that what you use is the result of our goal to offer the highest quality, nicely packaged with an environmental mind as good as possible. We want this" must area "to wash should be a little more fun. in short, be easy to make a good choice! "     

 The market survey is done on the street, in shops and among friends, they answered a number of questions about their washing habits and preferences and wishes for laundry and softener.   The issues were: what is most important to you when it comes to detergents, is it something you lack in the detergents that the market offers today, What is the deciding factor when buying detergents, eco-labels, efficiency or appearance?   

 About the softener: do you use softeners, if so why? What is important with softener and what is it that determines for you when buying? Are you missing something today?

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